Rent a Room

Rent a room for erotic services - Hi and welcome to Club Sendli – The best Erotic Club in Interlaken, Meiringen, Grindelwald, Bern, Berneroberland, Thun and Bern City – The Erotik Club for independent people / with the 24/7 permission. For your erotic services. Here you can read how its works.

How it works?

Pretty easy:

Here you get all the informations you need. A valid VISA (90 days Visum/ 1 year VISA registrated by the Migration / Community) or with a valid Permission (L/B/C-Permission) or as a Swiss citizen you are allowed to rent a room for a daily charge. The rent of a living and work room is CHF 150.00 / day/night. The arrival day count as the first day.

Attention: We are not interested to earn a precentage of your income. Your income is 100% yours. We are only renting rooms to indepent people in Switzerland.

We are looking for independent guests, that want to rent a room. In our location „Erotikclub-Interlaken“ we offer 3-4 rooms, – where you are free to offer your services. You decide your own worktime, – your own pricing. You should consider : that most of our independent guests, ,provide an erotical services. Till now we only had female guests.

You will pay us a daily fix rent, you can decide by yourself how long you want to stay. If you do not like the place, you can cancel effectiv the next day without extra charge.

 Small extra motivation: rent reduction / discount till CHF 135.00 / per day.   
To prevent that you will have a bigger dept-pressure over time, in a case if you are not earn some money in a day by us , – we give to our renters daily the option to let us to know, that you was not had any visitors for your business, where we can offer you on this day a big rent reduction. So the rent if you was not had any visitors for your business is only CHF 15.00 / per day.

We appreciate and respect our renters and their visitors and want to offer them a place where they can meet in a clean, hygienic and beautiful & peaceful place. Our Businessconcept offer you the best option for your new Start-up-business, where you are free to choose your own service, your own worktime, while you never risk while your business would be bad for a while, to have a big rent-dept.

We offer to our renters optional that you can publish yourself (your picture as your wish on our website and on the advertising. Its up to you if you want to use this services you can change it any time. The rent reduction is up to the owner of the Club and its optional and can be cancelled any time. For the rent that you will pay by us, you will receive a receipt from us.

*Consumed drinks will be calculated from us, and selled to you for the BuyIN prices.

In the daily rent are follow services included

  • Bar with drinks (Using of fridges and drinks*)
  • Small Kitchen (another fridge for Food)
  • Whirlpool (at the moment under construction)
  • Sauna
  • Condoms
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Bathrobe
  • Showers / Toilettes for Man and Woman
  • Hygienic assecoires (shower Gel, Cleaning Stuff, candles etc)
  • Accepted payments by Creditcard (Your Payment went to a separate Account, which only you have access.)

*Consumed drinks will be calculated from us, and selled to you for the BuyIN prices.

Are you interested?

 We can help you with the permission and advertising for free. 

If you have any questions. 
Call our Barlady Aleksandra 079 909 85 23 or our location Manager 079 741 16 55 (also Whatsapp). 
We are looking forward to see you soon